Saturday, 24 November 2012

135 Bricklane // Kahaila Cafe // Abby Joy Designs

I got the privilege of taking some interior photographs of the lovely Kahaila Cafe in the famous Brick Lane, London.

The interior is beautifully designed by, Abby Jamet,(Abby Joy Designs) a talented young lady looking to take her passion for interior design further. 

Housing a lovely assortment of furniture and some great design features, Abby has managed to express the love for community that Kahaila Cafe are all about.

This stylish cafe has no shortages in great design, beautiful artwork or good coffee. So when your next mooching around in East London, be sure to take a trip to 135 Brick Lane and get involved. I mean they even host origami classes...

In other news; Please forgive my recent lack of posts, I have unfortunately had a recent dilemma with a loss of equipment.

But on a more positive note, I graduated yesterday! 

E x 

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