Emily Coles


I am a motivated and hardworking individual with a wealth of relevant experience working in different mediums and am driven by my insatiable appetite for capturing beauty within the everyday. This creativity and self-motivation is applied into my daily work ethic, ensuring I am a great asset to my employer.

I am a clear communicator, well presented and organised individual and have had experience within the art industry and have gained the understanding and practical knowledge of the various aspects needed to form an exhibition. For example, I have been involved with the hospitality for various exhibitions at The Grant Bradley Gallery where it was necessary to engage in a friendly and professional manner to a broad range of people.
I am also currently one of four members who are interning at a photography exhibition for Stephen Brigdale. I am involved in every phase of the exhibition including the installation, printing, hosting and invigilating. I have also had experience in working with other professional photographers, providing me with the ability to confidently and professionally communicate to a diverse range of people. Having this opportunity to be so closely involved has given me great insight and experience, confirming my desire to work in this environment.

University has developed my research, analysis and reporting skills giving me the ability to develop ideas and proposals in response to set briefs. I have also had the opportunity to apply creative photographic techniques using industry standard software. I have gained a knowledge and understanding of current and emerging still and moving image technologies. As a trained photographer, I am visually perceptive, using my personal creative experience in the work place. Consequently I have an understanding of the processes a photographer/artist would go through, resulting in a confidence in a positive collaboration.

I would be a positive investment to your team because of my fresh enthusiasm to be proactive and my interest and passion in the curation process within an exhibition. My dream is to be part of a team who is actively involved in this, I am eager to learn new skills and work alongside others with a similar vision. I am soon to finish my time at university and am really looking forward to applying my skills and passions into a relevant and enjoyable work environment. My love for art, design and photography has always been a feature throughout my life; providing me with an established knowledge in contemporary arts, combined with my polite, hardworking and enthusiastic personality I think I would be a fundamental part of your team. I believe consistency, faithfulness and honesty are all essential components for any employee, and would ensure I presented a positive impression on behalf of my employer.

-Technically and creatively skilled in photographic techniques, for digital and analogue cameras.
-Creatively and visually aware, therefore able to use a space to it’s full potential.
-University has developed my research, analysis and reporting skills, and given me the ability to develop ideas and proposals in response to set briefs.
-I have had the opportunity to apply creative photographic techniques using industry standard software.
-I have gained a knowledge and understanding of current and emerging still and moving image technologies. 
-I am visually aware of conceptualising work and thoroughly enjoy the curation process needed to create an exhibition.
-Excellent at working with other team members to produce the best results. Also more than capable to work individually and take intuitive when needed.
-Understand the importance of being proactive and confident in independent research.
-I am competent in printing both digitally and in the darkroom.
-I am a Personable and relatable employee who is competent in relating to professionals, contacting and organizing locations and models.

BA (HONS) Photography
Southampton Solent University - September 2009 – Present
St Mary Redcliffe Sixth Form Centre - 2006 – 2008
3 A Levels: Photography (C) Art (C) Textiles (C)
St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School  - 2001 – 2006
10 GCSE’s: A-C Grade.

Exhibitions volunteer – Somerset House – 2012
I am currently volunteering two days a week at Somerset house, invigilating for current exhibitions, meeting and welcoming the general public and providing information on the venue and exhibition.
Camera Operator – Andrew Cross 2012
I was a camera operator for a project, which filmed Musician, Nik Turner playing his saxophone on Salisbury plain fields. Equipment used: Canon 5D.
Installation and curation internship – Stephen Brigdale – 2012
One of four who worked along side the photographer and gallery manager installing and producing the Landfalls, The Titanic and Place exhibition. I was involved in every aspect of the exhibition, from the painting; prepping and projector set up in the gallery, also digitally printing and trimming of the images. Hosting, including the bar and front of house, for the private view, and invigilating, during the five-week exhibition.
Photographic Assistant – Stuart Cooper – 2012
I have recently assisted and accompanied Stuart Cooper at an Indian wedding.
Photographic Assistant – Jonathon Fisher – 2012
Assisted in a professional studio for commercial photo shoots, engaging professionally with art directors, art editors and fulfilling the practical roles of a studio/photographers assistant.
Documentary/Press Photography – Evening Post – 2011
Assisted three different press/freelance photographers, on a variety of local current affairs, such as school events, accidents, opening events, for the Evening Post Paper, based in Bristol.
Student Editorials – Katie West – 2011
Photographed for a fashion styling student’s clothes swap event.
Gallery - The Grant Bradley Gallery - 2007 – 2009
Worked in the front of house for a contemporary Gallery based in Bristol. Alongside artists and fellow employees, I contributed to setting up and hosting exhibitions and private views.

Coming up: HOST Gallery, London - 2012
Southampton City Art Gallery – 2011
Southampton Solent blog - 2011
Katiestyles blog- 2011

Lee Button – Present employer - 07747488310
Andrew Cross – Tutor -
Mandy Jandrell – Tutor –
Stephen Brigdale – Tutor, Work experience/internship  – 07412961092

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