Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cornish Seaside

Just a little something from the seaside...

Hopefully these will help cheer up this grey day.

Emily x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Book Cover

I've been waiting to share these photos with you, partly because I like them and partly because I was waiting for more of a final product. So here's the story:

Not so long ago I was asked to shoot a photograph for a book cover by, Nigel Coles. So once I got given the brief, I scouted out the perfect location - a darling little cafe in Southampton. 

I then took along a friend to assist drinking the all the coffee I would have to purchase. - To set the scene.

Requested permission to photograph the coffee in the cafe and then got rather snap happy. Using my Bronica, Etrs medium format & my Nikon SLR. Here are some of my favourite results from my Bronica...

So friends, eagerly await the final book cover. I will be sharing it with you rather soon... 

E x

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Guest Houses in Southampton No.7

After a lovely couple of weeks in sunny cornwall and the joys of camping, in 'comfy' tents in somerset. I am back in the waiting room/job search. However something awaits I am sure. 

So I present you with a little reminder of what used to be, before the days of post studying. When I was free to roam with my medium format camera... May the sunlight in this image captivate you, as it did me, enjoy.

Love Emily x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Film Adventure//Coffee//Friends//Olympus Trip

As I was coming to an end of my film supplies and after a little rummaging. I found an old b/w film, which was at least 3 years out of date. 

However, I decided to just go ahead and use it, despite not particularly thinking through what for.

So I put it in my charming, little 35mm Olympus Trip camera, which has become a recent handbag essential, and got a little snap happy. 

As a 100 ISO film, I needed to use the flash quite alot, especially when indoors. But I think I've managed to get some lovely results, of some lovely friends.

What are your recent film adventures? 

Make sure you stay with me and if your lucky, I may show you a few more of my film adventures, curtesy of my little Olympus Trip camera.

Emily x

Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic nostalgia

Confession, the olympics has got to me. So I'm getting a bit patriotic, which I must admit doesn't come as much of a surprise as I have always loved a good old competition... 

If we're looking for someone to blame, then that medal can go to my eldest brother. He used to spend time teaching me the 100m athletics, olympic men's champs'. (Which I used to know off by heart!) 

So at the risk of my embarrassment I've dug out the little evidence I have...  

It looks like it needs a bit of updating! Bye for now, Emily x