Friday, 27 July 2012

'Fragments Of A Captured Past' At Foto8 Gallery

So as promised, here is part two the show: What it finally looked like!

 -Foto8 Gallery

 - Catalogues, catalogues, catalogues....
Top Left: Jack Dicken. Top Right: Johhny Hacket
Botton Left: Lauren McCormick. Bottom Right: Aurora Callaghan

Left Panel: Phill Loveridge. Right Panel: Tim Readhead.

- Christie Fitzhenry. Visit her website HERE

- Eden-Mai Cooper-Jenkin. Visit her website HERE
Top Left: Millie Hutchins.
Bottom Left: Tom Walke.
Middle Right: Emily Coles (ME!)
 Postcards & business cards of the photographers work that were available for visitors to take.
Last but not least my beloved housemates, course-mates and I on the opening night of the exhibition.... It was an amazing evening and week. It now feels like ages ago! 

Thanks all for your patience, the posting will become more frequent!

Love Emily x

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