Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Final Prints

(30X24" C-type prints)

Within my project I have explored, the domestic space and the traces the inhabitants leave within their personal environments. I am taking an anthropological approach by photographically observing the interaction the inhabitants have within their domestic spaces. In my images I am looking at the idea of ‘dwelling’ and how this is accentuated within the interior, by photographing what the inhabitants see on a daily basis, showing glimpses into the everyday. My work subtly suggests the presence of the inhabitants; by capturing the traces they have left in the surrounds they have created.

I could not be happier to finally see them finished and hung on the wall!

E x


  1. Em, these are actually beautiful. They remind me of David Hockney's stuff. Lush. Congratulations on hanging it. Ax

  2. phew! - they look good though!