Monday, 15 April 2013

Australia - Uluru / Ayers Rock

In the middle of the desert, within outback Australia. Stands the magnificent, Uluru/Ayers Rock. 

It's classed as one of the seven wonders of the world but what's all the fuss about? Uluru has a great cultural significance, and is considered a spiritual, sacred place by the aborigines. The natural landmark is mainly known for it's sheer size, as one of the largest rocks in the world. 

- Up close and personal. Being able to walk around the base of the rock, is pretty impressive. The sandstone formation really is rather fantastic.

The size of Uluru is:
  • 1,142 feet high — equivalent to a 95-story building
  • 2,830 feet above sea level
  • 2.2 miles long
  • 1.2 miles wide
  • 5.8 miles around the base

After a beautiful sunset the stars came out to play, and they were truly incredible. If you want to journey with me, my next few posts will be travel orientated, showing the other places we ventured. Emily x

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