Saturday, 25 August 2012

Book Cover

I've been waiting to share these photos with you, partly because I like them and partly because I was waiting for more of a final product. So here's the story:

Not so long ago I was asked to shoot a photograph for a book cover by, Nigel Coles. So once I got given the brief, I scouted out the perfect location - a darling little cafe in Southampton. 

I then took along a friend to assist drinking the all the coffee I would have to purchase. - To set the scene.

Requested permission to photograph the coffee in the cafe and then got rather snap happy. Using my Bronica, Etrs medium format & my Nikon SLR. Here are some of my favourite results from my Bronica...

So friends, eagerly await the final book cover. I will be sharing it with you rather soon... 

E x

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  1. Amazing photographs, love how the coffie looks with the fome blog in the center