Monday, 5 March 2012

Initial ideas

I am Currently being really inspired by Paul Winstanley's beautiful paintings, and as I find myself at the very beginning of my final major project, I am attempting to translate my initial thoughts into a photo shoot...

Developing my last project of looking at the interior and drawing attention to the insignificant, I am looking especially at the quality of light within a space and how it creates a sense of time, quietness and stillness in an image.

To experiment I've tried out an interior so ordinary, mundane and almost the complete opposite to what I'd naturally lean towards photographing. 

So I took along my medium format to a doctors waiting room. Here are some of the results. (scanned in negatives.)

These next images demonstrate my concept better; detaching the subject matter from the image.

However although I'm glad I experimented, I know these aren't what I'm after. So please let me know your ideas and thoughts on where I could next photograph. I do like this final image though, so all in all a positive first shoot!

Emily x

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